Mad Martins

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The Plains of Heaven



The Plains of Heaven
are strewn with colour in profusion.
Angels are scattered across the belly of clouds;
their wings trembling with dew.

And you famous sons of history are as nothing
in this triumph of our Lord,
can only resign yourselves to his wisdom,
stripped naked of your vanities.

Across these Plains the sunlight streams,
rippling on the very First Day and every day.
I will paint it all like a rainbowful of butterflies
and bury my brush in these Plains of Heaven.

(Keith Armstrong)

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Recording Credits

Keith Armstrong - Recitation
iain Petrie - Atmospheric Sound Effects

The Plains of Heaven [oil painting], John Martin, 1853. Tate Britain.


Additional Text

When Charles Muss’s establishment went bankrupt in 1809, John obtained employment with William Collins, a glass manufacturer on the Strand. In 1812, at the age of only twenty-two, John Martin left Collins’ and made the momentous decision to seek fame and fortune by oil-painting.