Mad Martins

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The Show

'Mad Martins: The Story of the Maryin Brothers', is a live show in 3 acts, combining songs, music, spoken word and theatre, with specially-made visuals, bringing the whole story of the Martins to life.

The nature of the material allows for a lot of flexibility, which means Mad Martins: The Story of the Martin Brothers can be performed in a variety of formats, for example, by Gary Miller as a one-man show (featuring songs, narration and images) or as a full-scale theatre production. 

Mad Martins: The Story of the Martin Brothers also offers the flexibility of differing running times to suit particular venue requirements. The full show, if performed in its entirety in three acts (one act per brother), for example, could easily fill a three-hour (including intervals) evening slot of entertainment. A condensed version of the show (45 minutes) is also available specifically to suit certain music festival performance time-slots. Alternatively, a one-hour show can be presented which is based exclusively on either one of the brothers in particular, for example, a performance at an art gallery might lean more heavily towards the story of John Martin, whereas a performance in York, England, might favour Jonathan Martin as the prime focus.


The following incredible talent of musicians, performers and creative artists has been put assembled to present 'Mad Martins: The Story of the Martins Brothers'...

Gary Miller

Lead Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars

Hayley McKay

Lead & Backing Vocals

Iain Petrie

Lead Guitar, Bass, Vocals


Darren Tansley

Keyboards, Bodhran, Percussion, Vocals

Jake Lucas

Drums, Percussion, Guitar

Nick Thompson

Fiddle, Mandolin, Bass


'Mad Martins: The Story of the Martin Brothers' received its official premiere at the City Theatre, Durham, on Saturday 5th October 2019, 

as part of the Durham Book Festival.

"This is not you average "singer-songwriter" show. It is a journey through the minds of real folk without adulteration. Miller is the "coal vein" of the music of the North East - his is the authentic root of it all going back through his family - through recent history to coal mines, keel boats, ship building, the scourge of industry and war - there is no better connection to the Northumbrian soul nourished by the coaly Tyne. This is a great work. Miller welds together many dimensions so that you feel like you are right there living the lives of these three unique souls. After a while one asks: "where is the madness in that?" (He takes) you on a journey through the bitter sweet universe of Durham and the North East - in the Martins his work shines as never before - you aren't just entertained - you are illuminated. Yet he brings to all the romance of humanity - the beautiful potential of the much abused region seen in the ever hopeful culture and the beauty of the natural space. I have read the book and accompanying cds - including the one of entirely traditional music. Simply splendid beyond belief!" 

(Conrad Jay Bladey, Hutman Productions, USA)


Watch a series of clips from the show (below)...